June 6th, 2017

Mabel Lake Jam Camp is now full!

There is still room at Jam Camp by the Sea and Jam Camp North. The very final registration date is July 1 for these camps.


Mabel Lake Jam Camp July 16 - 21

Jam Camp North July 23 - 28

Jam Camp by the Sea Aug 13 - 18


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We thank you for selecting Jam Camp Society as an organization that you are willing to share your good fortunes with! Your contributions, regardless of the amount, act as a way that Jam Camp Society "pays it forward" to our low income, senior and challenged participants, who are unable to cover our already modest fees. We regularly provide bursaries for participants who have expressed a deep desire to join and enlist them as volunteer staff working 10-15 hours over the week. Very often members of the volunteers family are young children or seniors who are unable to help with camp duties. Jam Camp donations cover these participants fee and allows people in need the opportunity to attend a family camp that fosters community, self respect, and participation in the arts!

Our donate button also goes to support some of finest BC musicians and facilitators, who most often are living short on funding, but high in sprirts! Since 2002, Jam Camp facilitators have spent countless hours planning and running the Camps, willing to donate their time and accepting sliding scale fees to share their passion of community music and dance.

Just think, your donation might produce the next Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, or better yet, parents who play music, dance and sing as a family!!!

Follow our media channels to listen to the music created each camp, and feel the pride your generous contributions have made on making someone else's life better. Our society is working towards it's charitable status, so until we can provide you with a taxable write off, your donation with be truly from the heart ; )