January 22nd, 2019

Registration for 2019 Jam Camps opens Feb 1!

Oregon Jam Camp: June 23 to 28, Milo McIver State Park, Oregon

Jam Camp on the River: July 20 to 25, Mabel Lake Community Hall, Lumby BC

Jam Camp by the Sea: July 21 to 26, Ruckle Provincial Park, Salt Spring Island BC

Jam Camp North: July 28 to Aug2, Cottonwood House Historic Site, Quesnel BC

Kootenay Jam Camp: date and place TBA, stay tuned!

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Here are some of the facilitators you will meet at Jam Camp!


Anna Baignoche

Anna Baignoche has been a teacher and musician for the last 12 years. She completed a Bachelor's Degree of Applied Music specializing in voice at Vancouver Community College and is presently completing a Masters Degree in Ethnomusicology at UBC. She is the leader of her band, Anna B. and the Heartbones, and has released two CDs, toured extensively, and has regular play on CBC radio. In 2009, Anna and her group performed at Studio One for CanadaLive and was broadcast internationally twice on the MotherTongue series. Traveling the world studying music has been Anna's passion which she has translated into her work leading several World Music choirs and singing/composing in different musical styles and languages.


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Stefan Bienz

My name is Stefan and I play upright and electric bass, and dabble in acoustic guitar. I started off as a classical guitarist, but was lured to bass by friends in high school who needed me for a Led Zeppelin cover band. It turned out to be a good fit and accidental life changer. Just owning a bass is sometimes like an entrance pass which allows me to join in as a supporting player in a wide variety of groups. I've mainly been a sideman in my career- always a bridesmaid, never the bride. Celina and Thomas Tumbach have been friends for a very long time and when they finally convinced me to facilitate at a few Jam Camps, I discovered that I enjoy teaching music, especially to eager people who are just starting. And it's always great fun to meet and play with all the amazing musicians who come out each year - facilitators and campers alike. I feel very lucky.


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Bobby Bovenzi

BSc African and Afro-American Studies
MSc Elementary Education
Instructor influences: Khalid Saleem, Clyde Morgan, Kpani Addy, Arthur Hull, Keio Ogawa, Mamady "Wadaba" Kourouma, Artero "Uncle" Mulfufo, Keith Terry, Thomas Cruz, Mamady Keita, and Famadou Konate

Bobby has been a student of ethnic percussion and dance since 1994. He began studying the drum in University though Khalid Saleem at the SUNY brockport in upstate NY. "Khalid introduced me to the power of rhythm and its ability to unite communities. His drum playing changed my life, and allowed me to explore an artful way to promote understanding, acceptance, and appreciation for the arts and their impact on creating a society in harmony." Since his early university education, Bobby has shared his passion for drumming with hundreds of thousands of people in Canada, Japan, and the US, from seniors to toddlers, corporate team building to gymnasiums packed with students and teachers. "I believe everyone has the desire to be creative, whether it be dance, music, or art, and through these mediums each life becomes a positive model for the next, free to express what's inside without fear of judgement." Bobby has earned the reputation of creating a successful experience for every participant he reaches, and is considered to be a Master Facilitator and Teacher.


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Theresa Bovenzi

Theresa is a guitar, piano, mandolin and African drum player. Theresa's original songs come from her experience in relationships and in her travels, and she desires to inspire people to live in peace with themselves and each other. Theresa has shared music with children as a Music Director art summer camps, in individual lessons, in childcare work and as therapy in shelters for homeless children. Music is a source of comfort and emotional release for Theresa, and her goal is to facilitate that process for others by sharing music with them.


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Cari Burdett

Cari has complemented her formal education (McGill University -- Montreal - Bachelor of Music in Opera Performance, London's prestigious Royal Academy of Music, Master's in Voice Performance and Voice Teacher Licenciate), studied a varied repertoire with a focus on new music and composers Mahler, Mussorgsky, Tchaikovsky, Elgar and Britten. With further independent studies, Cari has over twenty years of professional music training and a deep framework in Vocal Improvisation (studying with Rhiannon -- Hawaii, 15 + years), Pedagogy (studied with Par Ahlom- Sweden, 12+ years), Musical Theatre experience and many years of study in the Alexander Technique. As a teacher specializing in voice, these components add an integral understanding of health and movement as they relate to the freedom of vocal expression and assist in fostering a healthy voice. Cari provides her students with an exceptional solid education.

As an accomplished mezzo-soprano, Cari delivers a vibrant fusion of classical pop, folk, jazz, opera and art song sung in English, French, Italian, Swedish, German, Russian and has performed and taught across North America, Europe and China. Internationally, played Baba the Turk in Stravinsky's "The Rake's Progress," performed in London UK; attracted star reviews for her operatic roles of Monteverdi and Handel; giving world premieres of new works, notably Shouts for Herodias: a Melodramatic Scena for solo voice, by Thomas Hyde; worked with composer and director Heiner Goebbels (contemporary music and theatre scene); part of her Performance degree collaborated Avant-Garde new music with composers; coached by world famous, Dame Kiri De Tekanawa; now is integrating more crossover music theater cabaret and contemporary pop. In 2008 Eckhardt-Gramatte Competition, was a semi-finalist.

Cari has sung with the Sooke Philharmonic, the Vancouver Island Symphony Orchestra, the Cowichan Consort and Salt Spring Island's "Bach on the Rocks"; performed various classical Handel Messiah and Bach Christmas Oratorios on Vancouver Island as well as premiered new orchestral song arrangements from her 'Magnolia' album. 'Magnolia' was released in 2015, received nomination for World Album by Western Canada Music Awards (WCMA) and Cari awarded 'Vocalist of the Year' 2016 by Vancouver Island Music Awards (VIMA) is also heard regularly on CBC radio play.

Based on Vancouver Island, Cari actively performs, tours self-produced works, songwriter, produces shows, teaches and is Director of Lila Music Centre located in Duncan. In October 2017 joined Victoria Conservatory of Music as a voice teacher, and is the first faculty member to have a firm foothold in both the School of Contemporary Music and the Classical Music School departments.


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Genevieve Charbonneau

Genevieve is a Cowichan Valley based singer-songwriter, crafting tales of love, loss and rural living in between raising her three sons, harvesting veggies from the garden and hauling firewood to fuel her earthen home. Her music is rooted in folk and old-time country but incorporates bluegrass rhythms, Americana and pop into her style. Her songs turn effortlessly from insightful love ballads to rollicking political hootenannies. As a trained actress, dancer and long-time member of the multi-award-winning Balkan Babes, she is an accomplished singer and performer, bringing a lively stage presence and charisma to the stage.

Genevieve's song "Down Down Down" won the 2017 BC Musicians Songwriters Contest and was a finalist in the 2017 International Acoustic Music Awards. Genevieve's albums "Updraft"(2014) and "Fine Line"(2016) both garnered Producer of the Year Awards at the Vancouver Island Music Awards, as well as multiple nominations. In March 2015, she was chosen to be the featured Open Mic artist of the month on the popular website Folk She plays regularly with her band Genevieve and the Wild Sundays, having toured Vancouver Island, BC and most recently Ireland. She has played numerous festivals including Rifflandia, Islands Folk festival, Coombs Bluegrass Festival, and Artswells and has been played on CBC, CFUV, CHLY as well as Mid West Radio and Balcony TV in Ireland.


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Esther Deuling

Esther has been with Jam Camp since the very beginning, starting as a wee participant in 2003 and over the years volunteering and facilitating by teaching poi, leading song writing groups and teaching workshops. She can now be seen wandering camps with a manager clip board in hand making sure people follow the rules. Esther loves everything to do with Jam Camp and is so happy that she can take on a bigger role in something that has been such a huge part of her life for so long.  During her real life, away from the dreamy summer Jam Camp weeks, she can be found in North Vancouver wandering the woods with her dog, working on her massage business and doing her best to help the powers that be organize upcoming Jam Camps.


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Leh Deuling

Leh has been playing music since her early teen years at some of the first years of Jam Camp. She has grown from a world travelling busker finding gigs wherever she could, to a Montreal based folk musician and activist. Leh works hard to open up spaces for folks to engage with music who don’t always feel encouraged to do so. She runs monthly shows for women and trans folks, sings and writes with a feminist choir and writes and performs with her dark-country band. She also facilitates song writing workshops in French and English for blooming activists. She has worked with Rock Camp for Girls Montreal teaching electric guitar. Her focus these days is writing sad country songs and picking old folk tunes on her banjo.



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Lindy Gray

Lindy has studied  jazz, contemporary, and Indian classical voice.  She plays the guitar and loves writing folk ballads. Unusual instruments like the kazoo, handbells and the musical saw are her favourite!  She’s also a voice teacher, nanny, and teaches Music Together family classes for preschool aged children.  Jam Camp is always a highlight and she’s been introducing campers to the hillbilly theremin since 2014!


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Colin Hamilton

Colin grew up listening to the sounds of piano, and moved on to make use of his musical ear through a degree in mass communications, specializing in sound engineering, studio recording, radio, and mixing for live concerts over the past 20 years. He finally committed to the banjo at the same time as he started a family with Wendi, being determined to make music a family pastime instead of having a television. His ultimate goal is to live at a beach with a great surf break, switching between the banjo and a surfboard with family, friends and bare feet. Jam Camp comes in remarkably close to this dream - and while it is only 4 days and there is no surf, he will be making the most of this fantastic time sharing his clawhammer banjo skills with anyone who wants to learn, and spreading the joy of family music making.


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Barry Jones

Barry is a no-limits multi-instrumentalist and an explorer of all aspects of music. Using a vast array of sound-twisting equipment, Barry approaches playing with invigorating passion, spontaneity, adventure and fun. In his blank-canvas approach, Barry receives creative inspiration in the moment, which he teases out into a cascade of alive, cutting edge experimental music. His facilitation of explorative jams has brought inspiration and creative awakening to musicians of many genres and backgrounds. His original works of art have been performed on tour independently and in collaboration with a variety of other musical artists over the past 20 years. He has performed and recorded albums with a number of artists and bands. Barry completed training in audio engineering and recorded music production through Trebas Institute.


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Robin Layne

Robin Layne - Percussionist

Over the past eight years Robin has become a regular fixture on the B.C. festival circuit, collaborating with a wide spectrum of folk and world artists. His recent touring engagements have led him to Europe, Mexico, China, the U.S. and Canada. He has followed his love of world music to Cuba, Guinea, Mali, and Mexico studying under master drummers and marimbists of those respective traditions. He currently performs with world music groups Locarno, Mazacote, Tambura Rasa and his own group Robin Layne + Friends and is in demand as a freelance percussionist for recordings, performances and tours. Recent highlights include working with Juno Award winning artists Quique Escamilla, The Paperboys, Donne Roberts (African Guitar Summit), Alpha Yaya Diallo, Celso Machado and Silk Road Music. Equally at home on a festival stage or in a classroom, Robin strongly believes that the gift of music should be accessible to everyone. He is the senior percussion instructor at the Sarah McLachlan School of Music and the Artistic Director of the Britannia World Rhythms for Youth Society. He also co-founded the Vancouver World Music Festival in 2015 with Tom Landa.


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Wendi Lopatecki

Wendi began learning to play the guitar as a teenager and spent most of her musical time jamming on camping trips with a her group of musical and creative friends. Jam Camp feels much like those distant days, now that she is a mother of two children and spends most of her time building a house and gardening on the Gulf Islands. Luckily, her husband, Colin, picked up the banjo at the time of the birth of their first daughter, and since then they have been staying up way too late getting some time together writing songs and learning a few traditional old time tunes. The growing of the family has become a strong motivation for creating music as a way of connecting and communicating together, and Wendi and her family have been seen chopping out a few tunes around the island. Jam Camp offers a new context from those distant days which include the many smiling faces of children and parents, and Wendi is excited to share her experiences of song, guitar and mandolin with the extended Jam Camp family.


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Anna Lumiere

I have been involved with James Camp for 4 years.  I teach accordion and piano when there is electricity.  I love Jam Camp because it encourages creativity and community bonding through song.  It brings out the best in people and is inclusive and, most of all, it's fun!

I lead a band called Mimosa, that will celebrate its 20 year anniversary next year. I write most of the music for it. We toured all over Canada and have performed at many festivals, including the Vancouver and Montreal Jazz Festivals, and we have 3 albums out.  I also play in various other bands. My musical loves are Jazz, Brazilian and French music, as well as world music.


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Rachelle Marsden

Rachelle has been a music nurturer from the age of 15 when she completed the Royal Conservatory training and began supporting children and teens in harnessing their musical genius on the piano. In the past 2 decades, she has worked with over 100 families as a piano teacher and SelfDesign learning consultant, nurturing intrinsically creative, joy-driven musical lifestyles and learning environments. Rachelle is a multi-genre multi-instrumentalist with extensive experience jamming and exploring with a wide array of musicians.


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Katie Miles

Wowee, if there's anything Katie likes more than singing songs in the woods with friends and birds and chipmunks and moss - she hasn't found it yet! Jam Camp has been a part of Katie's life since she was just a little wild child making music with sticks and stones and singing her heart out. Now, she sticks to those roots, but has added guitar and ukulele to her jamming bag of tricks. At Jam Camp, Katie loves to teach instruments and group songs and knows that everybody can sing and play if they just let loose and believe in themselves! "Can you feel it??"

Outside of camp, she tries to cobble together a living in Vancouver through fun musical gigs - you may have seen a singing forest elf during the holidays that looked a lot like her... And sings with an all-female trio that focuses their music around empowering women and promoting respect for all people.

She believes that there's nothing better for our hearts and happiness than singing and dancing together, and is very thankful to be a part of Jam Camp and have Jam Camp be a part of her.


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Tarun Nayar

Tarun is a hybrid, a meeting point between east and west; a cross-cultural (con)fusion. He is a classically trained tabla player, a DJ, and a producer, obsessed with fusing traditional Asian sounds with wicked electronic beats. He performs globally, trains in Mumbai, and represents the Canadian massive in Vancouver. As a producer, Tarun creates South Asian influenced sonic landscapes and uptempo asian beats and breaks. As a DJ, 'Tspoon' mashes funk, hip-hop, dancehall and bhangra into a bouncy, juicy dance floor madness. As a tabla player, Tarun trains classically in the Punjab school, and represents in both traditional and electronic situations. Tarun is currently performing with 3 projects; global music DJ collective Beats Without Borders; crazy celtic punjabi live electronic act Delhi2Dublin; and bhangra/ grime/ hip-hop trio BPM.


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Graham Ord

An alumni of the West Vancouver Boys and Girls Band, Graham began playing the flute at age 9 and saxophone at 17. Graham has toured and performed with groups as diverse as Sumalao, a Chilean canadian band, Uzume Taiko, the Hard Rubber Orchestra and ANAGRAM a jazz group with his wife Anna Lumiere. Graham conducts the Creek Big Band on the Sunshine Coast and plays regularly in Vancouver and the Sunshine Coast as a recording musician and live performer.

As well as leading many sax workshops Graham has enjoyed teaching children and adults for over twenty years on the North Shore, in Vancouver and now on the Sunshine Coast.

With ANAGRAM Graham recently collaborated with an Arabic group, the Sokoun Trio from Montreal, to meld music of each group and played live on Radio Canada.


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Katheryn Peterson

In the summer of 2013 Katheryn shared her love of squeezebox, theatre and songwriting at Jam Camp for the first time. She was head over heels about the experience and about meeting so many amazing folks and families at Jam Camp that year and she hasn’t missed a summer since. Aside from her Jam Camp adventures she has toured through Europe, the United States, and all over BC and Alberta with a wide range of projects including Vaudeville Vagabonds, Blackberry Wood, Joanna Chapman Smith, Something About Reptiles, Lindy and the Crow’s Nest, Los Portenos del Norte, Melissa Bandura, Babe Gurr, the Andy Tabb Welcome Band and Moth Orbit Object Theatre. Katheryn is an honours grad of the jazz and contemporary music diploma program at VCC where she studied with Croatian virtuoso Jelena Milojevic and jazz improv master Alan Matheson. She teaches accordion privately, is the Artistic Director of the Accordion Noir Society, and sits on the board of the Jam Camp Society.


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Sarah Senecal

Sarah has been singing since she can remember, in choirs, in musical theatre productions or around the campfire with a guitar. Lately she's been sneaking into one of her husband's jazz groups to sing a few tunes. She loves the musical magic that happens at Jam Camp.


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Mariela Shuley

Mariela started attending Jam Camp in 2003. Although she was already heavily influenced musically by her parents, Jam Camp inspired her to explore her curiosities with new instruments and styles and broadened her horizons culturally. She loves to sing and spin poi; plays guitar, mandolin and piano and is learning violin. Jam Camp has become part of her family, and she looks forward to reuniting with the crew as often as her life allows. Currently, Mariela is living in Vancouver, pursuing a career in Musical Theatre, but plans to compose her own work, and to work in all mediums of the Performance Art scene, especially in its creation.


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Chris Suen

Christopher Suen sings and plays clawhammer banjo, guitar, piano, pipe organ, and classical Chinese zithers (guzheng and guqin). Although he only started playing banjo in 2005, he has firmly established himself in Vancouver's acoustic music community with his different musical projects: the alt-bluegrass string band Whiskeyjar; the high energy Appalachian old-time trio Shout! White Dragon; and the rootsy folk band Lily Come Down. He also teaches banjo lessons and workshops, and he is at the heart of a collective of old-time musicians in Vancouver who host regular jams, workshops and square dances. Chris is also assistant choir director and principal organist at his Vancouver church Holy Family Parish, a community that offers traditional services in Latin, with Gregorian chant and Renaissance choral music. His love of music and community finds full expression in Jam Camp, which he values as a unique opportunity for campers, parents, and facilitators to be enlightened by each other's musical energy and creativity in the spirit of fun and sharing.


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Owen Thomas

Owen Thomas is a musician, teacher and facilitator in Vancouver with a background in piano, guitar, and choral music. He trained and performed with the UBC Choral Union and the Northland College Choral Ensemble, including performances with the Harlem Spiritual Ensemble and the Duluth Symphony Orchestra. Owen teaches privately and for school groups, and brings his love of contemporary world music, folk music, and the traditional music of many cultures into workshops with Adults and Youth, including Vancouver Jam Camp, Mabel Lake Jam Camp, and guest Choral Directing both chapters of Local Vocals Community Choir.


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Ivan Tucakov

Ivan is a performer, composer and music producer. He has been playing guitar for 15 years. Recently, he has been studying Latin and flamenco guitar techniques, and also obtains extensive knowledge of guitar techniques and music theory taught by the Berkley School of Music.

In his academic years, Ivan studied in his thesis the mechanics of producing simulated sounds of plucked guitar strings. Since then, he has been diversely involved in music production. Besides focusing on acoustic projects that usually involve recording a variety of ethnic instruments, Ivan has dived into the world of electronica as well. One of his electronic tracks was released on the European lounge electronica compilation Cafe Del Mar.

Currently he leads a world fusion band called Tambura Rasa and runs a company that offers various services such as music and video production, soundtracks, and digital design.


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Thomas Tumbach

Thomas Tumbach is a violinist and co-founder of Jam Camp Society. Thomas was trained as a classical violin player and has studied the musical styles of Serbian, Indian, American, Celtic, and African cultures, as well as many explorations with Folk, Jazz, Bluegrass and Live Dance. As a young adult Thomas was travelled to Argentina where he met Classical guitarists and Composers, who trained him as a violinist in the classic musical style of Argentina, the Tango. As a music educator, Thomas teaches all levels of violin, mandolin, and composition, in any style of music. Thomas is passionate about instilling a love of music, and approaches music education in a way that makes his students feel supported, creative and inspired. Thomas is a lead facilitator at Jam Camps, and teaches violin at several music schools in the Okanagan valley. Thomas is a sought-after instrumentalist, and has recorded with various independent songwriters in BC. Thomas considers working with children one of his greatest joys.


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Ellliot Vaughn

Elliot is an enthusiastic composer and reluctant performer based in Vancouver.  A love of collaborative creation has lead him to scoring dozens of dance and experimental theatre pieces, a few short films, and arranging music for many bands.  Mainly Elliot plays the viola, but he'll dabble with anything noisy.  With The Deadcoast and The End Tree, he has toured Europe, the UK, and all across Canada.  He does not know how to spin wool.
2014 marked Elliot's first Jam Camp.  He instructs violin and viola, gets people to invent new ways to play instruments, and insists that a coathanger is an instrument.


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