January 22nd, 2019

Registration for 2019 Jam Camps opens Feb 1!

Oregon Jam Camp: June 23 to 28, Milo McIver State Park, Oregon

Jam Camp on the River: July 20 to 25, Mabel Lake Community Hall, Lumby BC

Jam Camp by the Sea: July 21 to 26, Ruckle Provincial Park, Salt Spring Island BC

Jam Camp North: July 28 to Aug2, Cottonwood House Historic Site, Quesnel BC

Kootenay Jam Camp: date and place TBA, stay tuned!

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Mabel Lake 2005

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Jam Camp is awesome! I especially like the original songs!

At Jam Camp I had LOTS of fun. The group building stuff was very effective. I particularly liked the harmony/melody stuff. Really cool. The whole camp was at peace with each other- the best time to make music. The cultural workshops opened my eyes to all the different stuff around the world. Oh and I really like the DJ scratching stuff. Yay go Jam Camp.

Camp gets better every year! Thanks to the instructors for sharing their talents and friendship.

Here's to Jam Camp 06!! The skills taught to the children are not just music related. They learn to use their imagination, creativity, and problem solving in group situations. They develop great communication skills while working in groups. VERY EMPOWERING in many ways!!!

Jam Camp was fun because everyone was included and welcomed. I liked learning about lots of completely different music than usual, and learning new instruments.

I liked how we were introduced to new instruments. The facilitators were very helpful in teaching new ways to play an instrument you already know, or to help you learn a new instrument

This year was my first Jam Camp and definitely not my last. I was amazed at how it turned out just as fun as I imagined.

I thank you all so much for sharing your lives with my family and I. We have all learnt different and varied things from this experience, way beyond the musical aspect

This Jam Camp has been my favorite experience. What I liked most was that the facilitators were so open to teaching me whatever I asked. A lot of this year for me was learning how to sing harmony- really a great thing!

Jam Camp this year has been real awesome for me and I'm sure everyone else. I met everyone I new from last year and met new people. I learned new things and improved on my guitar. It just feels great to see everyone again. I had a great year.

I liked it! It's the funnest musical activity I've ever been in!

I really enjoyed learning about the various cultures, and was amazed at how educated the facilitators were. Jam Camp has helped me become more outgoing, and has helped me realize how important music is in my life. I had so much fun and I hope that Jam Camp will continue to flourish and grow greater every year!

As a grandparent observer I was pleased to see the interaction of all age groups. My young grandson was included and encouraged at every activity. As the week progressed it was delightful to see each individual evolve into a group conscious of musical creativity. The facilitators allowed for this to happen through their musical ability and leadership skills.

I learned a lot and had fun too! I liked learning folk songs from other cultures. I loved the drum jams!

I've never been surrounded by so much great music!

Our children were truly encouraged by the mentoring of the leaders at Jam Camp. Not only by their musical expertise, but also their positive and loving example has been enough to keep us coming back. This is the highlight of the summer!

Mabel Lake 2006

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Jam Camp saved my summer. It's pretty much true (although I did and will have some other highlights). But I thought it was awesome, and I really can't think of much to improve ... except maybe a way to utilise electric instruments. But I can definitely see how that would be difficult. I'd say my favourite part was staying up late and partying and dancing. Then going and eating the plethora or snacks my mom brought for me! Mostly I'd just say it was awesome.

This years camp was really fun for me, it was my favorite thing that I did this summer and I have been a lot of places this summer, and I can't wait until next year. Personally my favorite thing was the Salsa dancing and making songs in our groups. I don't normally dance but I thought that the salsa dancing and when T did the turn tables was really cool. I like the fact that I can share my ideas and not be afraid of what people think, because the atmosphere of the camp so awesome. Maybe next year we could have a little more time to work on our group songs, but it worked out ok because on the last day we had a lot of time. I had a really great time though, and I made a lot of friends so I hope to see you and the other facilitaters next year!

For me it was a week of love and joy and all things beautiful in life. I feel so humbled by my experience. And I feel so grateful. So thank you. It was truly one of the most special times of my life.

This jam camp year was totally reinspiring, as was the last past years of jam camp, but it gets better through every year as we get together, see long-time-no-see friends, jam togetherwith the music we know and learn more music as we go along, sing, laugh, and just having a excellent time together. I don't know what could be better or what could be different, it gets better every year so I'm happy as it is. My favourite thing about this year is how we partied almost every night(except for the storm night). Already I miss jam camp and everyone who was in it, and already I'm ready for another but duty calls and I have work to do for another grueling year*sigh*. But yeah, every year I seem less and less shy to the people, activities, and parties that happen. And just like me, hopefully everyone who comes to join the activities will break out of that 'shy' shell that I was once in. I'm hoping more people will come, and the fun will be at the maximum for the whole week, every year in the future. Until next year, the spirit of music will always be within me, as it is in all of us, we just gotta let it take flight.

I loved jam camp, it was splendid and the facilators were wonderful too. I really liked how we had way more dancing and singing this year, I also really enjoyed the drama with Wendy, that was quite entertaining. I am continously singing all the songs and am driving everyone who wasn't at jam camp crazy by talking about it non-stop! It's wonderful! I personally thought this year was the best out of all four years just because all the people were great and it was so much fun. I don't really have any thoughts on how Jam Camp could be better, just because it was so great. I would also like to thank the wonderful weather because normaly we don't have such nice sunshine and I was very pleased. I should also say that I liked the time of year that jam camp was positioned, right in the middle of summer, because it gave me something to look forward to,while I was sitting at home doing nothing, but then I wasn't going back to school right away and getting on everyones nerves there.

We all had a really good time this year. We wanted to tell you how much we really appreciate all of the work you and all of the other facilitators put into making it a great time for everyone. Once again this year we have all come home feeling creatively fulfilled. Hopefully this feeling will last a while. Jam Camp has become a very important time for us. I like how it makes music fun and how it explores different cultures and gives the children a chance to play different instruments.

I had soo much fun!! it was the high light of my summer. i loved every work shop there was and i loved camping out under neeth the star. i know that i will be coming back next summer and i can't wait. the last performent was great and i got over my fear of singing to a crowd! i had soo much fun celina and i will see you next year JAM CAMP 5!i!i!i!i

Jam cmap was totally fun this year!!!! My favorite year of all no doubt... things I liked best!!! 1. Basically everything we did with Wendy... all that jazz 2. CUBAN LINE DANCING!!!!! THAT WAS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3. all the new fascilatators... that was cool. 4. I liked that weard sighn up thing we did that one day where you could chose wich fascilatator and what you wanted to do for 30 session with them... That was pretty awsome... 5. That storm was really cool... but i guess you can't control the weather...or can you? umm those were soem of my favorites... I really liked it to because all the random times that we would just burst out in song was great. Also having the group sight really makes all the difference. i love slepaing out on the beach...Also big Yays for Chris and T since they were able to saty up late with the rest of the kids!!! HOORAY!!!! The dayz of jamcamp our what i look forward to ALL year!!!!

This years camp... it was awesome. i think that it was a great year to join in, because there was lots of cool stuff going on, such as a twice-in-a-lifetime workshops, diferent types of dancing and other fun material. i think my favorite thing was totally staying up every night partying(especially the night it was tylers bday). jam camp was an unforgettable experience for me and i cant wait to get the cd (and going next year). i loved the drum circles in the mornings. and the kids getting up and doing some facilitating. oh, and tell t to update the site soon, and add some stuff. Id love to have a great web site i can visit all the time. i think thats all!

Jam camp is the best camp in the world!!! as an original jam camper I would have to say it gets better every year. I don't know how they do it but every year there is always more and more neat stuff. Some of my favorite things about jam camp include open mic night, cause it gives everyone a chance to really see what everyone can do, learning songs from other cultures, cause we're Canadian eh!(or at least we're IN Canada), the song groups, cause it gives everyone a chance to really break out of their shells and it also draws people together, the dj dance, cause its awesome, and most importantly the people from Jam Camp. Without the people from Jam camp, well, it wouldn'texist. At Jam camp we are encouraged to not be afraid of exploring our musical boundaries. We are encouraged to try new things and to really shine. Nobody will make fun of you if you hit the wrong note on the guitar or sing off key. Jam Camp is a chance to learn and to grow. It has helped me in so many ways and I have grown so much from every Jam Camp, not just musically, but, as a person as well. All Jam Campers are like family. We stay in touch and once a year we all have one week (almost) to see each other again. Jam camp is the ultimate learning and growing experience. Thanx so much to all the people who have contributed....especially to all the facilitators!! THANX!!

WOW is right - what a great week. I think my favorite thing was beating those drum, i had such a great time with bobby. The only thing I'd like to see more of were the open mics. I would be cool to have more performance collaborations every(other?)day! That way there could be less people per night but more songs if it's working. I'm thrying to get an open jam concept going at the open mics I'm hosting and this could go over really well at Jam Camp, particularily if by the end of the week the kids fee comfortable enough to just come up by there own accord and start playing along.

What I liked best: The warmth and openness of everyone there. I felt encouraged to try and engage with as many instruments as I could. I don't play an instrument, and so I really enjoyed drum jams with bobby and other facilitators, and I got excited about the singing workshops (even though I didn't get my lazy ass to any of them!). I especially liked bobby's drum jams, though. Also, I liked the dance activities. That was super fun, and I can actually salsa now.

As the years go on, and jamcamp continues to grow and blossom i am more and more amazed each year. At the first morning circle there is always the tiniest doubt that jamcamp might not be as inspirational and fun as it was the year before. However, three or four minutes into it, you realize that it probably will be, considering the song that we've all just learned, and are singing loudly. "dum dum dum dum dum at jamcamp!" Ahh yes. This year was especially good, with all the singing and dancing that went on. Nothing like salsa lessons on the beach to make you love life. Actually, I think the only problem I have with jamcamp, is the jamcamp blues, which happen as you're driving away, realizing that the week is over, and wondering where all the time went. My thoughts at this time are usually, I hate my life. I love jamcamp.

Jam Camp was a great experience that opened up a world of music to me that I never would have considered otherwise. Every single one of the instructors where incredibly helpful, and full of knowledge about all sorts off music that allowed for even more of a learning experience. Jam Camp helped me become more comfortable with performing in front of other (which is the whole point of music, the sharing of the different songs, or styles that you know). The amount that this camp has improved my playing and musical knowledge over the years astounds me, and I can not think of any other way to achieve such knowledge at such a low price. The effort put in by the facilitators is unbelievable, and the fact that they do all of the planning and teaching for nothing truly shows how great the camp is and what truly wonderful people make it happen.